Potato Chips Packing Machine

Chips are made from potatoes which are cut into strips and deep-fried. It is originated in Belgium. It is one of the most common fast foods and popular all over the world. Wokin chips packing machine system is optimized for the outer packaging of frozen French fries (pillow bag.weigh:1KG.2.5KGS or other) to improve production efficiency.

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Features & Advantages

  1.  Stainless steel frame;
  2. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain;
  3.  PLC control, excellent performance and long life;
  4. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control;
  5. Simple design and low loss;
  6. Equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number;
  7. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate color code positioning;
  8.  The former can be quickly replaced without tools;
  9. CE standard machine;
  10. Vacuum film stretching device
  11. Vibrating device
  12. Bag support device
  13. Inflatable device
  14. Safety device
  15. PE sealing device
  16. Nitrogen flushing device
  17. Customized sealing Vacuum device
  18. Gusset device
  19. Easy-tear device
  20. Anti-static device
  21. Exhaust device
  22. Anti-pinch device
  23. Automatic correction device

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