Dates Packaging Solution Guide (2022 Update)

Dates are amongst the higher exporting food variety. Thousands of companies are dedicating themselves to exporting quality dates worldwide. The highest producing and exporting country of dates is Iran, where the consumption of quality dates is found. Dates are sweet, delicate, and delicious types of dried fruit that most people adore and sometimes put on their tables as a meal.

dates packing machine

People give dates as a gift to their relatives. Quality and freshness are their priority, as we know there are various types of dates available in the world. After high-quality dates, the next crucial thing is the packaging of dates, and that’s where the problem begins. We need the best packaging that preserves the freshness and sweetness of dates and does not let them decompose or be attacked by mold s and fungus.

In this regard, many packaging methods are important to consider, which claims to be the best and efficient way of keeping their quality and freshness in the package. We know that dates are very good for health and have a treasure of nutrients and minerals that boost your immunity. So it requires such fantastic kinds of packaging so it can be transported and received in exact quality. For that, we are going to discuss the methods of packaging dates for getting a better idea. Then we will talk about the best packaging company of dates famous for their work and packaging. Let’s get straight into the topic.

Why We Need Dates Packing Machine?

Not only for dates, but the packaging is very important for all types of foods and products. It is a handy and easy way of preserving the quality of the product in that specific package. But when it comes to the packaging of dates, it should be done in a very cautious way.

The dates are very soft and delicate. They required the best material type that keeps it in the same state and prevents it from decomposing. For the exportation of dates across the country, paying attention to packaging is essential to save the dates from deformation and preserve the quality of the product exact in an efficient way.

Packaging Methods Of Dates

There are various methods of packaging dates available in the packaging market. Everybody prefers such methods of packaging that are reliable, fine in quality, durable, and of high-quality material.  Methods are the proven way to testify the packaging to be beneficial in the longer run.

Below, we will highlight three methods of date’s packaging that are widely used and which are best in quality. So stay hooked to it.

1) Vacuum packaging

The vacuum packing method will remove air from the packages before sealing the containers, which can significantly prolong the shelf life of dates(Dry dates & Fresh dates).

2) Box Packaging

For dates that will be packaged for export, manufacturers use a material that is appealing to eyes and use various designs to make it more exhilarant for the customers. For packaging dates, high-quality material is the priority, so durability prevails. Materials like high-quality cardboard and paper are used. Excellent prints and colors are also given importance. That’s why it is the most famous method of packaging.

Due to having a main focus on packaging, high-quality and excellent material is transported and exported globally. Packaging is a way to keep it safe and sound.

3)  Bulk packaging

Bulk packaging is preferable for date nectar, a delicious, sweet, and healthy sweetener derived from organic California dates. It is used as an alternative to honey in some recipes and is considered a healthy alternative.

For these dates, large cartons are used for consumption. Hygienic measures are also important to keep them free from germs and microorganisms. Manufacturers select the best carton material in this regard. Each carton is composed of good-quality cartons, and in the end, they are organized in large cartons.

4)  Pouches & Bags packaging

Pouches & Bag packaging is the most common type of packaging of dates. Bag packaging is widely used in domestic consumer markets.

Top Dates Packing Machines for Sale

When choosing the best company that provides ample resources of packaging, KINSUN is the name that comes to our mind. Having experience of more than 20 years in the packaging industry, they are giving excellent packaging due to having a variety of packaging machines that are nailing all other companies.

KINSUN is a professional packaging machinery manufacturers, and it is located in China. Every kind of packaging machine is available at KINSUN ranging from food to dairy products and other industrial products.

Dates can be packed through various methods, and some of them we mentioned earlier. The most common dates packaging machines are vertical packing machines. In KINSUN, we have professional packaging solutions for the output, packaging materials, and packaging bag types demanded by the customers when we communicate with them.

For automatic vertical packing machines, pillow bags, gusset bags, and quad seal bags are used, according to different bag widths, choose different width packing film and models.

Horizontal packing machine is also suitable for the packing of dates. It is often used for small bag packaging of pillow bags.


For scenarios where the height of the factory is not enough to use the vertical packing machine, the horizontal packing machine is the best choice.

  • It is easy to operate.
  • This machine adopts microcomputer control, and automatically shows packing length, packed number and error.
  • It has high precision, good sealing result and high stability.

Features And Advantages Of Dates Packing Machine

After discussing the working of dates packing machines, now the point comes where we bring light on the features and advantages of packing machines. So let’s crack on with this.

  • It is a portable film-changing device.
  • It is a double belt vacuum filling pulling device.
  • There is no film detection alarm in this device.
  • Siemens 1200 series PLC controller, HMI display, and easy operations are the features available in it.
  • The photoelectric switch automatically tracks the color point.
  • The code printer and film feeding system work synchronously with the machine.
  • It is easy and quick to change packaging sizes.
  • A composite film is a standard and single film which is also customized available and is optional.
  • It has a precise clamping alarm function.
  • The machine uses high-precision and high-standard special sensors.
  • A servo system controls the film pulling action.
  • The machine automatically pauses when there is no material available and supports multi-stage weight calibration.
  • Multiple languages are available in the machine, and it is easy to operate it.
  • It controls weighing and discharge materials to avoid material blockage.
  • The COM port is available and can be set flexibly, considered more conducive to coordination with other equipment.


In packaging, one must find the quality machines that the company uses. Many ways and methods are available in which packaging takes place.  Techniques for maintaining the quality of the product are all needed. In dates packaging, you need accuracy in every aspect. We want to make the packaging exquisite and pretty same time.

In this regard, various options are available on the internet where you can find many facilities and advanced methods involved in the packing process. But after analyzing all of them, we conclude that KINSUN is the best packing manufacturers due to the modern and up to date e machines. They are facilitating all kinds of options to the customers to find the best out of all and make things easy for them.

Keeping these concerns of people, KINSUN has many machines at their service. They are well-structured, best in quality packing, and involve advanced methods that increase their packaging and become famous worldwide. Next time when you need a perfect packaging manufacturer, then go for KINSUN. You will get the most out of it, we assure you!

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