Detergent Powder Packing Machine

The packaging of Detergent Powder on the market is generally bottled and bagged. The bottled filling production line consists of: automatic conveying line, automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine and weight detection machine. The disposable bag packaging production line consists of: liquid filling machine , Packing machine and finished product conveyor. No matter what kind of packaging method, KINSUN can provide a mature and stable packaging system.

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Features & Advantages

  1. Machine Frame Made of high-quality stainless steel 304, the electric box use a double-door design, the electric box and the main unit are suspended by clearance, leaving space for dust removal.
  2. Machine  is designed to be sealed and dust-proof.
  3. Machine use PLC operate, and touch screen intelligent display.
  4. Servo system controls the film pulling .
  5. Pneumatically control the horizontal sealing .
  6. High-precision intelligent thermostat can ensure the temperature stable.
  7. Photoelectric automatic tracking, accurate color code positioning.
  8. Optional coding machine, thermal transfer or laser printing
  9. Silent and oil-free vacuum cleaner, equipped with SMC vacuum generator.
  10. The whole machine has applied for a patent for appearance protection.
  11. Self-contained patent for convenient film changing device.
  12. Detection function and alarm device after the film is used up.
  13. Optional sealing anti-static function, equipped with SMC anti-static eliminator.
  14. Optional automatic correction function, equipped with KEYENCE detection photoelectric.
  15. There are also a variety of optional devices can be choose.

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