Bottle Filling Machine Buyer’s Guide

What is a Bottle Filling Machine?

In different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and cosmetics, you can find liquid fillers, also called liquid filling machines. These bottle liquid filling machines are essential where you have to pack the liquids in different types of containers.

Bottle filling machines are very good at preventing the wastage of the liquid and also too fast. This type of packaging cannot be done manually in industries as this is a wastage of time. Moreover, it also causes a lot of waste due to spillage. So a liquid filling machine is very much crucial in the bottling line. 

Using these machines is also a good approach in terms of quality and hygiene. To attract customers, these types of companies always take care of the quality and quantity of packaging. So for this purpose, the packaging must be impressive and satisfactory to the customers. 

Nowadays, there are also modern liquid filling machines in advanced forms and user-friendly controls and features. So the liquid fillers save your time and less labor. A liquid filling machine is very helpful in managing the huge liquid filling tasks in industries. They are an excellent replacement for the number of human beings.

Bottle Liquid Filling Machine Applications

  • Bottled water & still beverages
  • Flammable solvents
  • Candle & molten products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Acids & corrosive products
  • Agricultural products
  • Food products & sauces
  • Petroleum and automotive products
  • Cosmetic & personal care products
  • Household & industrial cleaners
  • Paints, stains & sealants

Different Types of Bottle Filling Machine

There are many kinds of liquid bottle filling machines in industries that are commonly used and are very famous.

  • Fully automatic liquid filling machine 

As the name depicts, this is an automatic liquid filling machine that usually works with very little human labor. So it replaces the need for human labor. It works so amazingly that all the bottles are automatically arranged and filled.

These machines are very precise and do not cause any leakage while filling. The reason is that the machine can quickly fix the appropriate sizes of syringes. During all this process, you can also change the speed with automated speed variation adjustment.

Moreover, the machine can also set the bottles of different sizes according to the packaging quantity. In the end, these machines are automatically concealed with the help of incredible capping features. After the capping features, there comes the labeling feature in which the labels are appropriately fixed on the vessels.

  • Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

A semi-automatic liquid filling machine is partially manual and usually requires more input from human labor. So here you have to arrange the bottles or vessel yourself before they are filled. Keep in mind that the labels are also fixed using human labor in different semi-automatic food filling machines.

  • Twin head liquid cooler machine

As the name depicts, it is a twin-head machine with two filling nozzles. This type of machine is beneficial in enhancing the production treatment and does not require any human interference.

Moreover, they are the ideal machine for different largest industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. They are very good at filling milk, oil, or beverages. 

Although all these types of liquid filling machines have the same function, they are different such as semi-automatic or fully automatic machines.

  • Four head liquid filling machine

Four head filling machines are designed to fill the vessel accurately. These machines have features such as rubber stoppers depending on the volume and speed involved.

One thing which makes this machine different from other types is its optional turntable. Moreover, the machine is able to control the infeed and outfeed with a proper speed.

  • Six head liquid filling machine

In this filling machine, six filling nozzles move around the conveyor. Vessels are placed on the conveyor for filling. According to the manufacturer’s needs, the nozzles can be easily set, and it also prevents spillage.

These types of filling machines are good in the sense of handling both the highly viscous as well as semi-viscous products. Keep in mind that these machines are not fully automated, so it needs some operator interference. The operator will therefore adjust the fill volume through touchscreens.

  • 8 head liquid filling machine

This machine has up to 8 filling nozzles.

  • Liquid filling machine for Vials

Keep in mind that the liquid filling machines are also used for the filling of vials. The filling material may be viscous materials, liquids, suspensions, or powders. We all know very well that vials are most commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector to fill medicinal liquids and suspensions.

Many vial filling machines fill the bottles and vials with different viscous materials, liquids expansions, and powders. In the Pharmaceutical sector, these machines are commonly used.

However, in other sectors such as biotech, animal health-related industries, and ophthalmic industries, vials are also used. In these industries, the injectable liquid is poured into glass vials. All this process is done by automated vial filling equipment. In the vial filling machine, there is a section that fill up the vials. These vials are then transferred through an intermittent transport section.

Pharmaceutical vial filling machines are very helpful in reducing product loss. They also ensure volumetric consistency. To reduce the oxygen, an optional stopper insertion aids by a vacuum is used. Keep in mind that these vial filling machines are beneficial and have different styles.

Different vial filling machines, such as six nozzle machine and head vial filling machines, are present. Many manufacturers prefer particular vial filling with a particular design and style.

  • Electronic liquid filling machine

As the name depicts, these liquid filling machines depend on the electric power to run. These machines are fully automated and equipped with various features such as clutch brake, labelers, snap cappers, station cappers, turntables, conveyors, etc.

The machines also have rotary sorting bowls, vibratory sorting bowls, molten fillers, and inductive sealers, along with these fantastic features. Electronic liquid filling machines are of high-level technology and complicated. So it requires experienced people to run these machines.

Furthermore, they also contain elevator sorters, liquid fillers, and pre-feeders. Electronic fillers are widely used in pharmaceutical companies to keep up the accuracy of the products. Along with accuracy, the machines also ensure speed and hygiene of the process.

  • Liquid filling machine with capping features

These machines are equipped with the ability to lid the vessels it has filled. These machines are fully automated and give an amazing capping facility.

  • Liquid filling with rubber stoppering machine

These machines are specially designed for low speed to medium speed filling of vials and rubber stopper inserting applications. The range of the vial can be from 2 to 100 ml in volume and output. The speed can be accelerated where the machine can produce up to 100 vials per minute. 

Types of Bottle Filling machine by application

Along with their design and type, these machines are also classified depending on their applications. 

  • Gravity filling machine

They are used for the filling of different liquids such as wine, oil, water, vinegar, and spirit. 

  • Piston filling machines or volumetric filling machines

These machines are used for building different viscous liquids such as jams, honey, oil, sauces, cosmetic creams, pastes, etc.

  • Hot filling machine

Hot filling machines are used to fill the vessels with juice, concentrated jams, and sauces.

  • Isobaric filling machines

These filling machines are used to fill different bottles of carbonated soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine.

  • Vacuum filling machine

Vacuum filling machines are ideal for filling bottles with foamy products.

  • Acid resistance filling machine

These filling machines are suitable for filling corrosive liquids and bleaches.

  • Weight filling machines

Weight filling machines are used in most food industries, such as yogurt, milk, salad, creams, oil, and mayonnaise. 

Advantages of Bottle Liquid Filling machines

  • High liquid filling speed

Now, different processes of manufacturing can be sped up with the help of these liquid fillers or liquid filling machines. They are ideal for speeding up the process of capping or labeling.

  • Consistent and reliable fills

The liquid filling machines are consistent and give you reliable fills without any danger of spillage of the liquids.

  • Ease of use

The liquid fillers are very easy to use and have a simple operation interface. They have simple touch screens that allow the operator to select different times and amounts to complete each cycle.

When these numbers are entered, a recipe screen gives room for the same to be retained. The operator thus easily make necessary physical adjustments and enter the recipe number on the interface.

  • More versatility

Liquid filling machines are great in offering more versatility. These machines are used widely to handle all the bottles and products. Moreover, they are also used in different adjustments or shifting from one bottle type to another.

Bottle Liquid Filling Machine Working Principle

Liquid fillers are divided into different categories based on the working principle. These categories are Ordinary filling machines, Pressure filling machines, and Vacuum filling machines.

  • Ordinary filling machine

In an ordinary liquid filling machine, the liquid is filled owing to its weight. So they work by gravity, where you can fill the liquid in the particular bottle. It is obvious to take care of special requirements such as maintaining the fluids’ viscosity and gas bearing. Examples of vacuum filling machines are milk bottles and grapevines. 

  •  Vacuum filling machine

In vacuum filling machines, the pressure must be higher than the pressure of the bottles. The reason is that the liquids which are high in viscosity, such as syrup and oil, require vacuum filtration. 

So in pressure liquid filling machines, there must be a higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure as it is functional. Pressure filters are further categorized into two types such as equal air pressure filling and high-pressure filling.

In equal air pressure filling, the liquid reservoir pressure must be equal to that of the bottle. In high-pressure filling, there must be a pressure difference between the liquid reservoir and the bottle. 

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