Liquid Packaging and Protecting Product: Rinsing & Purging

For many liquid products packagers, protecting the liquid from dust, dirt, and other liquids is very important to protect the integrity of the product itself. Chemicals cannot be effectively diluted, and food, beverages, and medicines must not be contaminated. The product may cross-contaminate with other liquids or waste. The two most popular product protection packaging systems are bottle rinsing machines and nitrogen purge systems. (Click here to buy liquid packing machines >>)

Bottle Rinsing Machines

In order to keep the product clean, the bottle or other container containing the product must be cleaned when the liquid is injected because there may be traces of dust, dirt and other contaminants during the manufacturing process of the bottle. Even during transportation and storing, dust particles can contaminate the product. Setting up the rinsers before pouring the liquid onto the packaging line can help reduce or eliminate the accumulation of debris before the bottle is filled with the liquid.

Wet rinsers can use water, products, or other cleaning agents to remove all the waste from containers; however, air purification has recently become a more popular solution to achieve the same goal for those concerned about cross-contamination. Air rinsers blast the clean air inside the bottle and use this clean air to loosen and remove dust particles. It can remove contaminants either by inverting the bottle for rinse or by vacuuming loose particles after the rinse. Compared with similar wet washing machines, the air washing machine generates less waste and eliminates the possibility of residue before filling.

Nitrogen Purge Equipment

When adding liquid to a bottle or other container, the headspace is almost always filled with oxygen. Unfortunately, oxygen can be harmful to many foods. For example, certain foods degrade more quickly when exposed to oxygen, which can cause discoloration, taste change, and ultimately shortening shelf life. The nitrogen purge system is used to replace oxygen in the headspace with nitrogen. Nitrogen is a gas that will not affect products in the same way as oxygen.

For a nitrogen purge system, it is essential to purge immediately before capping or closing the container; the longer the holding time, the more likely the oxygen will escape into the headspace, which will result in an ineffective purge. When used on the packaging line, any packager who wants to extend the shelf life and protect the liquid should install purge equipment directly in front of the capping machine or sealing machine. Custom purge systems can also be manufactured for unique packaging projects.

For more information about rinsing or purging equipment, please refer to the corresponding product category on the Liquid Packaging Solutions website or contact LPS immediately to speak with a packaging expert.

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