Liquid Packing Machine

Some people think that vertical form fills seal machines are for liquid packing. Yes, VFFS machines provide cheap and flexible packing options for many high and low viscosity liquids. But actually, they are used to pack solids in the bags. Premade liquid packing machines are an excellent option for automating the sealing and filling of the pouches.

WOKIN liquid packing machines are ideal for every type of liquids like creams, gels, sauces, infusion and even water.  All of our machines are incredibly stable and they work very well under wet conditions. The machine itself is rust-proof and can maintain smooth operation even with acidic liquids. A wide range of compatible fillers make packaging of every fluid possible.

  • Available liquid packing machine types: liquid pouch packing machine, liquid bottle packing machine
  • Factory direct prices & 2 years warranty.

Best Liquid Pouch Packing Machines for Sale

Best Liquid Bottle Packing Machines for Sale

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Liquid Packing Machine Applications

Liquid packing machine is broadly used for packing liquids like water, milk, soybean milk, juices, sauces, beverages, vinegar etc.

Liquid Packing Machine Samples

pouch oil packing machine
honey pouch packing
beer bottle
milk pouch packing machine
bottle sauce packaging
sauce pouch packing
honey bottle packing
water bottle packing machine