Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

Liquids include water, lubricating oil, edible oil, and also include chili sauce, meat sauce, fruit sauce, sesame sauce, egg liquid, salad dressing, cheese, detergent, industrial glue, slurry, grease, and other semi-fluid and high-viscosity materials. KINSUN has accumulated a lot of experience and professional knowledge in liquid packaging can provide suitable model configurations according to the characteristics of various liquids, If combine with our liquid filling machine will greatly improve production efficiency and safety.

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Features & Advantages

  1.  The combination scale ensures stable and accurate packaging weight.
  2. Medium-speed and high-speed machines are optional to meet different production volume requirements.
  3. Each stand-alone machine has all stainless steel or carbon steel options, suitable for various levels of customer needs.
  4. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain;
  5.  PLC control, excellent performance and long life;
  6. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control;
  7. Affordable liquid pouch packing machine price with available highest quality.