Spice Masala Packing Machine

Wokin will provide screw / volumetric filler and packing machine as an integrated packaging system for spice or Masala packaging applications. And ifyou want to run beverage mixes, flour mixes, rice, coffee or any other granular products, it can also be done through Wokin’s self-developed system. Wokin VFFS can form pillows bags, flat bottom bags at a rate of 100 bags per minute.


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Features & Advantages

  1. Double belt vacuum film pulling device
  2. Portable film  changing device
  3. No film detection alarm device
  4. 304 high-quality stainless steel structure
  5. Siemens 1200 Series PLC controller, HMI display, easy operation
  6. The code printer and film feeding system work synchronously with the machine
  7. The photoelectric switch automatically tracks the color point
  8. Easy and quick change of package size
  9. Precise clamping alarm function
  10. Composite film (standard) and single film (customized) are optional
  11. Film pulling action controlled by the servo system
  12. Use high-precision, high-standard special sensors
  13. It can automatically pause when there is no material, and supports multi-stage weight calibration.
  14. Machine can Store production formula parameter up to 99 sets , realize a variety of material requirements, help menu, easy to learn and use
  15. The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to make the feeding more even.
  16. Multiple languages are available and easy to operate.
  17. Control weighing and discharge materials in order to avoid material blockage.
  18. The COM port can be set flexibly, which is more conducive to coordination with other equipment.
  19. Factory parameter recovery function
  20. PLC or touch screen or electric control box can be chose.
  21. Pneumatic valve anti-leak device
  22. Nitrogen filling device
  23. Anti-sticking treatment of material contact part
  24. Material contact part use 316 stainless steel.
  25. Auger screw and accessories
  26. Cone-shaped Pneumatic flap / Spherical-shaped Pneumatic flap / side-open style pneumatic flap
  27. Free flow device

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