Packing Machine

What is packing machine? The packaging industry is one of the largest industries that is composed of various segments. Each segment utilizes some special machines that help in comfortable packaging processes across various businesses. WOKIN identified the best packaging machines that always ready to serve many businesses all around the world.

These packaging machines are best suited to package various products and components. The product area consists of certain equipment that can form, seals, wraps, cleans, fills, and package at various automation levels. The packaging machines also consist of related machinery that is used for counting, accumulating, and counting. Available package types include bags and pouches, aerosol containers, Cans, Drums, Capsules, Cartridges, Cartons and boxes, Cups and trays, Pallets and intermediate bulk containers (IBC), Tubes, Kegs and pails, Cases, blister packs, Bottles and jars, Vials, etc. The closing method used for packaging machinery is caps, lids, glue, nails, staples, tamper-resistant tape, cork, heat seals, fold and tuck techniques, wrapping paper, etc.

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In order to buy the right packaging machine, you need to determine a few things and then browse the corresponding product category or contact us.

1. Is your package flexible (pouches, bags) or rigid (cans, bottles, glass)?

2. What kind of product do you need to package (food, powder, liquid, non-food, etc)?

3. What do you need the packaging machine to do?

  • Form the packages from scratch, fill them with the product, and seal them shut (form fill seal or FFS)
  • Fill preformed packages with the product, and seal them shut (fill and seal)
  • Weigh and fill product to premade packages, and seal them shut.

4. What is your budget range?

5. Which country do you want to ship the packaging equipment to? (The USA, UK, Canada, India, Japan, Australia, and so on.)

Packing Machine Applications

WOKIN packing machine‘s applications include the packaging of Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Food (such as flour, coffee, rice, spices, oil, chips, vegetable, milk), Candy, Bottle Drinks, Disposables, Pet Supplies, Hardware (screw), Poultry, Meat, Seafood, etc. Feel free to contact WOKIN packing machine manufacturer if you have any special packaging needs and problems.

Best Packaging Machines for Sale

KINSUN packaging machine manufacturer provides a wide variety of packaging machines to global clients, here are the main types of packaging machines that our company offers.

» Powder Filling Machines

KINSUN packing machine manufacturer has a variety of pack filling machines that you can employ in filling powdered chemicals and spices. You can choose between our automatic powder packing machine and our semi-automatic powder packing machine. Both machines ensure filling efficiency. And they are safe to use. Conversely, we have the auger filler machine as well as the vertical form fill and seal machine used in packing diverse products such as sugar, flour, detergent, powdered milk, and other similar items. Using any of these machines ensures that your products are perfectly packaged.

» Pouch Packing Machine

Premade pouch packing machine is used for the packaging of food powders, enzymes, detergent powder or chemical additives. This packaging method can protect powder products from moisture and helps them to keep their properties.

» Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

What most people do not know about is that we are one of the most famous industries in the world that deals with the manufacturing of vertical form fill and seal machines. Our standard of excellence is unmatched by any other industry. We provide our clients with durable machines capable of surviving rugged usage. We incorporate modern technology into our production, presenting our customers with a full-feature line of packaging solutions. With this machine, users can use various bag sizes and styles as well as different film formations.

» Weigh Filling Machine

The weigh filling machine is also named as weigh filler and weighing and packing machine. We collects powder filling machine, liquid filling machine, and granule packing machine to meet your different weighing packing needs.The packaging machinery can weigh and supply various products, including rice, poultry, snacks, beans, spices, chemicals, hardware, confections, frozen food, coffee, and other varieties. Hope our auto weighing filling and sealing machine can greatly improve your work efficiency.

» Food Packaging Machine

KINSUN collects lots of food packing machines for clients’ different needs. Our product range includes tea packing machine, chips packing machine, masala packing machine, rice packing machine, flour packing machine, vegetable packing machine, snacks packing machine, sugar packing machine, salt packing machine, grain packing machine, coffee packaging machine, honey packaging machine, gutkha packing machine, rusk packing machine, ghee packing machine, fruits packing machine, wafers packing machine, sauce packaging machine, dates packing machine, peanut butter filling machine, beans packing machine, etc.

» Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

KINSUN has pharma packaging machinery for the packaging of medicines in blisters, tablets, capsules, sachets and other. Our newest medicine packing machine can include label applicators, sealers, case packers, and hard film over wrappers. These packaging machines are perfect for pharmaceuticals, herbals and nutraceutical companies.

» Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic packing machine is one of the best packaging machines used by fertilizer, food, building materials, ports, logistics, petrochemical, and other similar companies. Its automated design hastens the entire manufacturing process and takes products out for weighing, packaging, testing, and palletizing.

» Semi Automatic Packing Machine

This semi-automatic baler manually delivers both containers and products while automatically completing other packing procedures.

This machine is ideal for bottomless heat-shrink packaging. This machine thrives in packaging glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, mineral water, and other beverages.