Pouch Packing Machine

What is an pouch packing machine? Pouch packing machines can fill pouches with powders, liquids and pastes, granular and dry products. They are widely used in food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Wokin packaging machinery manufacturer supplies different types of pouch packing machines that can fill flat bottomed or sealed bottom pouches, according to your specific package needs. Our automatic stand-up pouch filling machines can easily take the automation of your packaging processes to the next level. At the same time, our pouch packing machines has clear operating instructions, which allows operators to learn how to use the machine more quickly.

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Pouch Packing Machine Applications

Wokin premade pouch fill and seal machine is commonly used for packaging of: flour & baking mixes, salt, grinned coffee, spices, tea powder, powdered drink mix, nutrition & protein powder, laundry detergent, oatmeal Powder, soup base, insecticide powder, baking soda, powdered milk, matcha & tea powder, baby powder, cornstarch powder, chemical powder, dye powder, cocoa powder, …

Features & Advantages

  1. 304 stainless steel
  2. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain
  3. PLC control, excellent performance and long life
  4. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control
  5. Simple design, low loss.
  6. Servo control stretch film bag making
  7. Pneumatic or servo controlled horizontal sealing system.
  8. Equipped with thermal printer, automatic printing of date and batch number
  9. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate positioning of trademark
  10. Formers can be quickly replaced without tools.

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