Powder Packing Machine

Powder packing machine production line for powder like coffee powder, protein powder, wheat flour, Chinese medicine powder , cement powder , etc. Automatic packaging, composed of screw feeder, measuring cup filler, vertical form fill seal machine, end product feeder, and end production disk machine. Each model of this production line has a different model configuration to match the production requirements of different customers. KINSUN powder packing machine has the characteristics of fast speed, easy cleaning , precise sealing , stable and simple system operation , multiple language switching, and multiple configurations for customers to choose from. And there is a professional after-sales team to solve operational doubts for customers in a timely manner.

Best Powder Packing Machines for Sale

Powder Packing Machine Working Videos

Powder Packing Machine Applications

Kingsun provides a wide variety of packaging machines to package diverse powdered products, such as chilli powder packing machine, detergent powder packing machine, milk powder packing machine, coffee powder packing machine, turmeric powder packing machine, rice powder filling machine, spice powder packing machine, masala powder packing machine, chemical powder filling machine and so on.

At the same time, in terms of type, Kinsun, as a professional powder filling machine manufacturer, can also provide a wealth of product categories for customers to choose, such as automatic powder pouch packing machine, small powder packing machine, semi automatic powder filling machine, etc.

Features & Advantages

  1.  The combination scale ensures stable and accurate packaging weight.
  2. Medium-speed and high-speed machines are optional to meet different production volume requirements.
  3. Each stand-alone machine has all stainless steel or carbon steel options, suitable for various levels of customer needs.
  4. Equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number;
  5. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate color code positioning;
  6.  The former can be quickly replaced without tools;

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