Powder Packaging Machine

Powder packaging machines are used to pack powders like cement, flour, protein powder, milk powder, chili powder, masala powder, detergent powder, coffee powder, tea powder, etc. Automatic powder packaging machines have the following components: Screw feeder, Measuring Cup Filler, Vertical form fill scale machine, End product feeder, and End product dish machine. KINSUN package machinery manufacturer configures every model according to the customer and product requirements. Our powder packaging machines are fast, precise, stable machines with simple operation and are easy to clean. They also have multiple language configurations for different customers.

Best Powder Packaging Machines for Sale

Powder Packaging Machine Working Videos

Powder Packaging Machine Applications

KINSUN, a professional dry powder packaging machine manufacturer, provides a wide variety of packaging machines to package diverse powdered products like chili powder, detergent powder, milk powder, turmeric powder, rice powder, spice powder, chemical powder, and so on.

Available powder packing machine types: fully automatic powder packing machine, semi-automatic powder packing machine, stick powder packing machine, sachet powder packing machine, powder bagging machine, powder premade pouch packing machine, etc.

Available packing bag types

Powder bag packing machine

How to Choose a Powder Packaging Machine?

  • First, we should confirm what products we want to pack.
  • High-cost performance is always the first principle in choosing a powder packaging machine.
  • Trying to choose the long-history packing machine manufacturer.
  • If you want to visit the factory yourself, you must pay more attention to all the details of the machine, because machine quality always depends on detail, when you want to order amounts powder packing machine, you should better do a machine test with a real sample products.
  • You need to choose a wonderful after-sales service machine factory to ensure a good user experience.
  • If you want to improve the packing rate and decrease Labor costs, try to choose the powder packaging machine with simple operation and maintenance.

Maintenance of Powder Packaging Machine

During the daily production process, the maintenance operators must focus on maintenance regulations. Powder packaging machine maintenance includes regular maintenance, special maintenance, and daily maintenance. Regular maintenance including first grade, second grade, and third grade, special maintenance including seasonal maintenance and maintenance stops.
  • Our dry powder packaging machine needs machine cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, and corrosion protection process daily maintenance.
  • First Grade includes lubrication, fastening, testing related parts, and cleaning process.
  • Second Grade is testing and adjustment. Specific is testing the motor, clutch, transmission, driving member, steering, and brake components.
  • The powder packaging machine third grade is mainly focused on testing, adjusting, and avoiding possible failure.

Powder packaging Machine Features & Advantages

  1. The combination scale ensures stable and accurate packaging weight.
  2. Medium-speed and high-speed machines are optional to meet different production volume requirements.
  3. Each stand-alone machine has all stainless steel or carbon steel options, suitable for various levels of customer needs.
  4. Our powder packaging machine is equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number;
  5. Automatic tracking by an electric eye, accurate color code positioning;
  6. The former can be quickly replaced without tools;

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