Sachet Packing Machine

Sachet bag is often used in the food industry, shampoo industry and so on. It is often used in the packaging of a single portion of a small amount of materials at a time, such as coffee bars, shampoo, tomato sauce, etc. Commonly used sachet bags are pillow bag, three side or four-side seal bag etc.KINSUN sachet packing machine can produce different configuration according to customer’s require.

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Features & Advantages

  1. 304 stainless steel
  2. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain
  3. PLC control, excellent performance and long life
  4. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control
  5. Simple design, low loss.
  6. Servo control stretch film bag making
  7. Pneumatic or servo controlled horizontal sealing system.
  8. Equipped with thermal printer, automatic printing of date and batch number
  9. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate positioning of trademark
  10. Formers can be quickly replaced without tools.
  11. Inflatable device
  12. Nitrogen charging device
  13. Thermal transfer printer
  14. Gusset device
  15. Punching device
  16. Exhaust device

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