Sauce Packaging Machine

Sauce is a paste-like condiment made from beans, wheat flour, fruits, meat, fish and shrimp as the main raw materials. It originated in China and has a long history. The common seasoning sauces commonly used by the Chinese are divided into two categories: sweet noodle sauce with wheat flour as the main raw material, and bean paste with beans as the main raw material; condiments such as meat sauce, fish sauce and jam have also been developed.

Glass bottles are mostly used for packaging, and there are also single-use disposable bags. KINSUN can provide mature and stable Sauce packing system solutions whether it is bottled or bagged. The bottling production line includes: canning machine + auto feeder + cans sealing machine. The bag packaging system includes:automatic filling machine + Verical form fill seal machine. 

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Features & Advantages

  1.  The combination scale ensures stable and accurate packaging weight.
  2. Medium-speed and high-speed machines are optional to meet different production volume requirements.
  3. Each stand-alone machine has all stainless steel or carbon steel options, suitable for various levels of customer needs.
  4.  Stainless steel frame;
  5. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain;
  6.  PLC control, excellent performance and long life;
  7. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control;
  8. Simple design and low loss;
  9. Equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number;
  10. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate color code positioning;
  11.  The former can be quickly replaced without tools;
  12. CE standard machine.

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