Screw Packing Machine

The screw is a conventional spare part, and its packaging generally uses pillow bags. The screw packing machine generally uses a vertical filling and sealing packaging machine. Due to the high hardness of the screw, the bag and the screw counting packing machine itself are easily damaged under the conventional VFFS bagging machine. Therefore, we recommend customers to use our special model for puffed food or greater impact: KS-I series. This type of screw packing machine adopts a 45-degree tilt design, allowing materials to fall obliquely, reducing impact, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the goods and the screw packing machine.

The machines produced by the KINSUN screw packing machine manufacturer are all made from the best on the market, and we can also provide a full range of installation and warranty services for the screw packing machine. If you choose our screw packing machine, we can also provide machine programming and operation guidance services.

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Screw Packing Machine Applications

Screw Packing Machines Features & Advantages

  1. Inflatable device
  2.  Nitrogen charging device
  3.  Thermal transfer printer
  4. Gusset device
  5. Punching device
  6.  Exhaust device
  7. Vacuum film drawing device
  8. Easy-tear device
  9. Double belt vacuum film pulling device
  10. Portable film  changing device
  11. No film detection alarm device
  12. 304 high-quality stainless steel structure
  13. Siemens 1200 Series PLC controller, HMI display, easy operation
  14. The code printer and film feeding system work synchronously with the machine
  15. The photoelectric switch automatically tracks the color point
  16. Easy and quick change of package size
  17. Precise clamping alarm function
  18. Composite film (standard) and single film (customized) are optional
  19. Film pulling action controlled by the servo system

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