Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The vertical form fill seal machine provides both speed and precision, making it one of the most popular filling machines available. Customers are able to vertically pack and seal bags with different products cutting the overall work time.

As the world’s leading vertical form fill seal machine manufacturer, KINSUN offers a comprehensive vertical filling solution for all its customers. This solution makes handling products that need laminated film formations and polyethylene films easy. They also provide customers with different styles of bags such as doy bags, pillow bags, gusset bags, flat bottom bags, stand-up bags, and diverse hole punches and tear notches.

Benefiting from the diversity of vertical form fill seal machines, you can easily employ different filling options. The filling options available to use with our VFFS system include volumetric fillers, vibratory feeders, combination net weight systems, piston fillers, and auger fillers.

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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Working Videos

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Applications

Vertical form fill seal machines are widely used in Food industries like sugar, coffee, milk powder, honey, salt, candy, frozen seafood, etc. KINSUN has a different series of vertical form fill seal machines that can be selected depending on customer production. On the other hand, KINSUN had already sold the vertical form fill seal machine to over 30 countries, accumulating rich experience in different kinds of food packaging. Our vertical form fill seal machine can provide you with a professional food packing solution according to your food information.


  1.  7’ color touch screen + Omron PLC, error prompt, self-diagnosis function.
  2.  Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components.
  3.  Omron 7-channel PID temperature control.
  4.  Schneider or Omron electrical components.
  5.  Purchase of 5-row cutter wheel paper separator (no flash device).
  6.  Horizontal sealing bag, controlled by Omron servo motor.
  7.  The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel 304.
  8.  New European and American standard design, welded frame.
  9.  Standard safety door switch (Panasonic door safety switch).
  10.  Photoelectric adjustment method: rack and pinion.
  11. Continuous motion: This proficiently creates special bag styles and increases the speed for maximum throughput.
  12. Changeover speed: You can assemble many bags of different sizes on a single machine as well as switch between different bag sizes in record time.
  13. Flexible bag assembly: You can assemble the latest bag styles such as pillow bags and quad seals with ease. You can employ zippers, tear notches, modified atmosphere packaging, none-way valve applicators, and lots more. The possibilities go on.


1. The servos enable intense bagging speed, with the average being about 150 bags per minute.
2. You can quickly and easily change the sealing jaws to enable you to go from laminated films to non-laminated films.
3. You can easily change film rolls by employing our 2-position film roll element, and doing so takes less than a minute.
4. Easily change tubes and film rolls using the center-lining element. This enables a simpler, tool-less changeover.

1. Our vertical form fill seal machine is capable of switching between speeds following upstream signals even with the absence of an operator.
2. Our only zipper applicator reduces the number of rejects that stem from poor zipper position.
3. The machine is capable of conducting conventional heat-sealing as well as ultrasonic welding.

1. Each machine has a stainless steel frame and washdown as well as an advanced sanitary design that conforms to the sanitation standards of the USDA and 3A.
2. Maintenance and cleaning are relatively easy since we have integrated an open-frame design.
3. You have 360-degree access to the VFFS machine using the pivoting control box.

How to Use VFFS Machine

Operating our vertical form fill seal machine is fairly simple. You begin with a large roll of film. Form the film into a bag and fill it with the required product. After that, you seal the bag. It is as simple as that, and it all happens vertically. Filling takes place with great speed, with the machine capable of bagging at 300 bags per minute. Our machine provides simplicity and efficiency for both consumable and non-consumable substances.

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