What are Filling Machines?

To understand the working of filling machines, we must get little understanding of filling machines. Machines that help in filling the liquid in bottles up to the destined and required volumes are known as filling machines.

But the story does not end here, like just filling bottles, and you are done. Things become more complicated when it comes to knowing about filling and what is the working of such machines? It is beyond just filling liquid in containers.

There are different processes involved in filling machines. Each machine has been designed according to distinct principles, for example, accurate level of filling, the accuracy of the volume, efficiency of a machine, and bottle fillers. These processes are step-by-step methods that should be applied adequately so that the filling would be perfect and executed very well.


Out of many advanced filling machines, we will mention four advanced and best filling machines that are going to nail the process. So let’s get straight into them.

1) Gravity filling machines

It is evident from the name of a machine that gravity has a significant role in this process. The gravity filling machine has a tank above the filler head. It enables packagers to reach an accurate volumetric level. Due to raised tanks, there is an option of opening and closing valves. Setting time to fill the bottles is an efficient way as many are in queue to get filled.  A pre-set time has been programmed, and when time ends, the valves eventually get closed, and the product flow stops. For an accurate volumetric level, the time for each bottle has already been set so that the process will continue smoothly.

Gravity is the main reason for working this filling machine, and required gravity is given so that the product fills in actual and accurate amount. It is best for products that are free-flowing and thicker. However, slower-moving liquids are difficult to fill.

2) Overflow filling machines

Overflow filling machines help fill the bottles at the same level. Would you please not get confused by its name that it overflows? Even if volume varies, it’s a benefit of a filling machine that it fills all of them at an accurate level. A special kind of nozzle is used in it, which seals the container over the bottle opening. It creates a balance and continues to fill the bottle until it reached an ideal level. Once the process has been completed, the liquid returns to the holding tank via an overflow opening in the nozzle. Then, nozzles rise from the container and create a fill level.

We can use overflow filling machines for those packaging where the product line is visible and stops after reaching that point. An overflow pump is available, which uses a pump to move the product. It is ideal for low or medium-viscosity products. So there is a visible difference for slower and thicker volumes. There are different machines available for it. So you can not find any ambiguity in it.

3) Pump filling machines

For boosting extra flow in the movement of liquid, we use a pump filling machine. It has a single pump that is sufficient for filling bottles one by one and replacing them after the filling is completed. A time has been set which is programmed in such a way so that you won’t get any confusion in it. Pulse can be used too along with time or alternatively.

A specific kind of movement is required of the pump and its component to complete the filling appropriately. It would be best if you were cautious of such things like, for a gear pump, a pulse should be equal to a half-turn of the gear. Pump filling machines are ideal for filling thicker products so that an accurate volumetric level is achieved.

4) Piston filling machines

Piston filling machines are slightly distinct from other filling machines. It uses a slightly different way of doing it. A piston plays an important role, and that is, it moves in and out of the cylinder when liquid fills in the bottle. The process of working is when the piston retracts product is pulled into the cylinder.

Afterward, the piston returns to the cylinder to push the product out, and the next container comes after. Due to piston fillers, accurate volumetric fill is achieved, and the volume of the cylinder never changes. Piston also provides the extra push to move the bottles. Additionally, the open space of the cylinder makes it an ideal machine from others. The benefit of this machine is that it is handy for viscous products and medium liquids and fruit pieces, and jams.


Filling the proper amount of liquid in the containers is a very nerve-racking task. It is a massive responsibility on the owners’ shoulders that they have chosen the best and ideal filling machine for products. Hence, we provided you enough guidance about the machines and techniques.

It is an uphill task, but if you choose the ideal machine, you will be free from worry. Find such filling machines that work adequately, and the accuracy of liquid-level is acceptable. All four filling machines that we mentioned above are worth buying and a fantastic choice.

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