Automatic Packing Machine

KINSUN automatic packaging machines manufacturer has various automatic packing machine for different industries, such as automatic weighing and filling machine, auto pouch packing machine, automatic liquid packaging machine, vertical form fill seal machine, cans filling and sealing machines, multi-head weigher, screw powder filler, liquid filling pump, auto cartoner machine, etc. The automatic packaging machine takes up a number of tasks that includes measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting, and packing fine particle materials without human intervention.

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Best Automatic Packing Machines for Sale

Automatic Packing Machine Working Videos

Automatic Packing Machine Applications

Automatic packing machines can be used for the packaging of baby food, fruits, chips, masala, tea, mlik powder, granule, sugar, spice, flour, snacks, rice, plastic, honey, shampoo, and more.

Features & Advantages

  1. Quality automated packing machine with stainless steel frame
  2. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain
  3. PLC control, excellent performance and long life
  4. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control
  5. Simple design and low loss
  6. Equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number
  7. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate color code positioning
  8. The former can be quickly replaced without tools
  9. CE standard automatic packing machine with cheap factory direct price
  10. Vacuum film stretching device, Vibrating device, bag support device, inflatable device, safety device, PE sealing device, nitrogen flushing device.
  11. The automatic packing machine increases packing accuracy and efficiency due to the addition of digital measurement and control.
  12. Its stainless steel body is national GMP certified, meaning that all products remain uncontaminated while packing.
  13. Advanced technology makes the automatic packing machine capable of pausing in the event of packaging failure. It also stores data so that it can continue packaging from where it left off.

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