Honey Packaging Machine

Honey is a natural sweet substance that is fully brewed in the hive of nectar collected by bees from flowers. The smell is fresh and strong and taste is pure and sweet. Honey in the market is generally packaged in bottles and disposable bags. The bottled filling production line consists of: automatic conveyor line, automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine and weight detection machine. The disposable bag packaging production line consists of: liquid filling machine , packing machine and a finished product conveyor. No matter what kind of packaging methods, Wokin can always provide mature and stable packaging systems for your choices. 


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Features & Advantages

  1. Function: automatic feeding -> precise positioning -> lifting container -> vibration -> filling -> weighing feedback -> sorting -> out of the box
  2. Excellent performance: reliable PLC control , precise servo system , professional screw metering , world-class weighing system , international top brand electrical equipment , which can ensure 24 hours continuous work.
  3. Safety and hygiene: removable glass cover, safe and dustproof. Stainless steel SUS304 meets GMP requirements.
  4. Humanized design: when the hand wheel is running, the height of the outlet of the screw filling machine can be easily adjusted. Components can be replaced without tools. Safety detection switch in hazardous area.
  5. Easy to tilt: semi-open hopper and simple refueling platform, easy to clean, do not dust in.
  6. Simple structure: scientific design, simplify the structure in a simple way, simple or maintenance-free.

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