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KINSUN packaging machine supplier offers the widest range of automatic weighing and packing machines with various accuracy requirements, space constraints, and budgets.

What is weigh filling machine? The weight filling machine is also named as weigh filler and weighing and packing machine, they are normally used in the packaging of granule, powder and liquid. (Click to check our powder packing machine, liquid packing machine, granule packing machine >> ) Most of KINSUN’s customers except purchase our VFFS bagger, they also chose KINSUN’s weight filling machine. Granule will be using the multi-heads weigher. The powder will use the cup or volume filler. The liquid will use the pneumatic or servo control pump.

KINSUN aims to surpass the standards set in the industry. We supply weigh filling machine for many years. Our factory can manufacture many types of weigh filling machine, such as powder filling machine and liquid filling machine.Our machine’s design encompasses usability, cleaning, and serviceability. Every packing machine in our inventory has contact parts that you can remove without using any type of tools, a stainless steel structure, and leading-edge controls. Additionally, you can integrate a number of other packaging machines like the vertical form and seal machine, the horizontal form and seal machine, the container filling machine, and the premade pouch filling machine.

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Weigh Filling Machine Applications

Common weigh filling and packaging machine applications: fruit packaging, frozen food packaging, chocolate packaging, vegetable packaging, sugar candy packaging, snack packaging, cheese packaging, pet food packaging, meat packaging, poultry packaging, vitamin gummy packaging, grain packaging, flour packaging, nut packaging, hemp cannabis packaging, medicinal pharmaceutical packaging, oil packaging, etc.

Available Packaging Types

Features & Advantages

  1. The weigh filling machine has a powerful self-check function, realizes closed-loop detection, can detect abnormal conditions of each node in real-time, and display it on the man-machine interface in real-time.
  2. The software is universal and compatible, and different models use the same control system.
  3. Our weigh filling machine uses high-precision and high-standard special sensors
  4. The weigh filling machine can automatically pause when there is no material and supports multi-stage weight calibration.
  5. Store production formula up to 99 sets of parameter settings,  realize a variety of material requirements, help menu, easy to learn and use
  6. The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to make the feeding more even.
  7. Multiple languages are available and easy to operate in our weigh filling machine.
  8. Control weighing and discharge materials in order to avoid material blockage.
  9. Factory parameter setting recovery function.
  10. Diverse Functionality: Generally, these classes of weigh filling machines are either fully automatic or semi-automatic. This diversity allows for fewer employees, reduced effort, and increased effectiveness. For example, when using a weigh packing machine to package liquid/powder/granule, you typically place the liquid/powder/granule in a holding container above the filler. You can control the release valves with a computer according to the specified net weight. On average, most weigh filling machines can fill 3000 containers daily.
  11. Filling Capacity: Weigh filling machines are ideal for bulk liquid/powder/granule products sold in large quantities for high manufacturing value. The best part is that these machines are incredibly flexible. You can program the on-board computer to fill different-sized containers. However, if you fill mostly smaller-sized containers, this filler is not the ideal one. It is not cost-effective, so you should not rely heavily on it.

With respect to how the weighing filling machine works, you must realize that some products require that you primarily make use of it. Similarly, meeting all company and product regulations is also vital. Using a weigh filling machine saves you much time and money, and it helps you go over the hurdles attached to marketing and selling your products.

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