Granule Packing Machine

It is suitable for weighing and packaging granule , slice , roll or irregular shape products such as candy, salt, seed, coffee bean, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, yogurt, pet food, frozen foods, fresh fruit or vegetable etc. Meanwhile , it is also sutiable for weighing and packaging screw, plastic, some of hardware andcomponents.

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grain packing machine
Snacks Packing Machine

Features & Advantages

  1. Use high-precision, high-standard special sensors
  2. It can automatically pause when there is no material, and supports multi-stage weight calibration.
  3. Machine can Store production formula parameter up to 99 sets , realize a variety of material requirements, help menu, easy to learn and use
  4. The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to make the feeding more even.
  5. Multiple languages are available and easy to operate.
  6. Control weighing and discharge materials in order to avoid material blockage.
  7. The COM port can be set flexibly, which is more conducive to coordination with other equipment.
  8. Factory parameter recovery function

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