Food Packaging Machine

With the increasing demand for production and higher requirements for food safety, food packaging has become an crucial part of the food industry. Different food products should be packaged in different ways according to the product type, size, quantity, and storage conditions. To meet different food packaging needs, Wokin packaging machinery manufacturer offers a wide variety of packing machine for food products.

Either you want to package liquid food, food powder, or granule food, or you need small pouch package or big bag package, you will get the most suitable one here! Our food packaging machines are exported to many countries and regions of the world. We can provide customers with mature and stable food packaging machine plan based on the customer’s production capacity, factory scale, budget and all other specific requirements.

Best Food Packaging Machines for Sale

Wokin packing machine manufacturer offers food packing machines at competitive prices. For all food packaging machines for sale, our company provides excellent after-sale service and 2 years warranty.

Food Packaging Machine Working Videos

Food Packaging Machine Projects

Available package types: stand up pouch, gusseted pouches (side gusset and bottom gusset), pillow pouch, 3 side seal pouch, cans, bottles, zipper pouch, etc.

Food Packaging Machine Applications

Wokin food packaging machine supplier has packaging equipment to package food products listed below:

  • Liquid food: water, milk, juice, coffee, hony, sauce, etc.
  • Granular food: grains, rice, sugar, corn flakes, nuts, soya bean, etc.
  • Food powder: milk powder, moringa powder, acai powder, maca powder, chlorella powder, masala spice, etc.
  • Others: dry fruits, meat, rusk, biscuit, chocolate, chips, snacks, etc.

Features & Advantages

  1. The combination scale ensures stable and accurate packaging weight.
  2. Medium-speed and high-speed machines are optional to meet different production volume requirements.
  3. According to needs, the combination weigher can be equipped with collecting hopper, pattern plate hopper, etc., suitable for different materials.
  4. Each stand-alone machine has all stainless steel or carbon steel options, suitable for various levels of customer needs.
  5.  Stainless steel frame;
  6. Touch screen display, easy to use and maintain;
  7.  PLC control, excellent performance and long life;
  8. High-precision intelligent thermostat to ensure stable temperature control;
  9. Simple design and low loss;
  10. Equipped with a thermal printer to automatically print the date and batch number;
  11. Automatic tracking by electric eye, accurate color code positioning;
  12.  The former can be quickly replaced without tools;
  13. CE standard machine;
  14. Vacuum film stretching device
  15. Vibrating device
  16. Bag support device
  17. Inflatable device
  18. Safety device
  19. PE sealing device
  20. Nitrogen flushing device
  21. Customized sealing Vacuum device
  22. Gusset device
  23. Easy-tear device
  24. Anti-static device
  25. Exhaust device
  26. Anti-pinch device
  27. Automatic correction device
  28. Punching device

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